Features of the Chamberlain PD210D power drive 1/2HP

The product can boast with its incredible characteristics that add points and make it stay in the top rated garage door opener systems for a long time. It is a trusted device and a smart mechanism that will protect your valuable stuff on the highest level. Check on more features below:

  • The product includes sensors to protect not only your vehicles, but your kids and animals from sudden door closure
  • Quick-Rail smart system allows to set the device yourself and maintain its work without complications
  • Remote control function transmits the signal even when you are in the car
  • Amazing operating industrial power ½ horsepower motor comes with 6 year guarantee


Pros and Cons the Chamberlain PD210D:

Like every product on the market, this device also has its strong and weak sides. Look through pros and cons of the Chamberlain PD210D and see if it is worth to get it for your house and garage protection.


  • Simple assembly instructions for quick installation
  • Less noise and better performance compared with other garage door opener systems that are available on the market now
  • Even and anti-friction work
  • Accidental door closing protection
  • Battery backup for quiet operation in case of power cut
  • Smart remote control
  • Manual control option on the wall mount control panel
  • Homelink compatibility for cars and motor machines
  • 6 year motor guarantee plus partial guarantee for system’s parts


  • Some of the customers have notices a bit of a noise when open/close the garage door
  • The door opening and closing process is a little slow
  • The motor is not adapted to support heavy weight doors